Whisker Wipe Bib Apron (for Cats & Dogs)


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Make mealtime fun for your feline friend with our Whisker Wipe Bib Apron. This apron is designed to keep your cat clean and mess-free during mealtime. The apron is made of durable polyester and features a variety of cute cartoon patterns to choose from.

The apron is easy to put on and take off. Add some fun to your cat’s mealtime with our Whisker Wipe Bib Apron.




  1. Red, Cherry.
  2. Pink, Lolly Paw.
  3. White, Brunch Bear.
  4. Blue, Tiger.
  5. Blue, Planet Shiba Inu.
  6. Blue, Surf Duck.
  7. White, Happy Birthday.
  8. Pink, Have a nice day (Bear)
  9. Blue, Hey Bear
  10. Red, Double Happiness.
  11. Pink, Planet Bunny,
  12. Purple Floral Heart.
  13. Blue, Pepsi.
  14. Purple, Have a nice day (Bunny).
  15. Floral Pattern.

Material: Polyester
Size: S (within 5-20 kg), M (within 20-40 kg), L (within 40-100 kg)

Packing List:
Polyester cat bib x1pc


Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 2 cm

Style 1 – Cherry, Style 2 – Lolly Paw, Style 3 – Brunch, Style 4 – Tiger, Style 5 – Planet Shiba Inu, Style 6 – Surf Duck, Style 7 – Happy Birthday, Style 8 – Have a nice day (Bear), Style 9 – Hey, Style 10 – Double Happiness, Style 11 – Planet Bunny, Style 12 – Heart Flower, Style 13, Style 14 – Have a nice day (Bunny), Style 15 – Floral Pattern


S, L, M


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